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Gold Package

This is the course that all new drivers start after getting their G1 license. This is a Beginner Drivers Education Course that consist of 20 hours in-class, 10 hours in-car driving and 10 hours workbook (home work). You may also choose option Digital e-Learning Online Course (20+10 = 30 hours). Both options are available.

This package also include with an additional one of the certifying fee and workbook fee. (Please see note below). When you complete this course, *we will also help you to book your road test appointment but any Ministry fee if applicable for the road test booking is the student’s responsibility.

If needed there will be car rental available for the road test amount starting from $150.00 depending on the area, type of test G2 or G and also with this package, the student will be eligible for their road test within 8 months.

*Note:A digital fee / workbook fee and certification fee is already included in the total price.

Xmas & New Year Sale Limited Time Offer


In-Class / Digital Online Hours


In-Car Lessons


Certification Fee

Workbook Fee

Car rental for Road Test

Road Test Booking Help

Free pick up and drop off

Complete 10 hour In-Car Lessons In 15 Days

Course Fee: $579.00 + $75.27 HST = Total Price: $654.27