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I absoulutely love this school,instructors are very informative and fun. I could not have been more happy with the service. They went above & beyond all my expecttations.

B, Kim

Easy to understand all rules, making you a good driver for future. Recommended for new and seasoned Driver’s.

F, Henry

Very well teached, great instructors. Teaches you importance and safety while driving. Highly recommended.

S, Randy

I really enjoyed my time at Crown Driving Academy. Very friendly teachers and good quality of instructions.

S, Tara

Resourceful, cheerful and pleasing course. Confident, satisfactory teaching and good building. Thanks entire team of Crown.

N, Samir

The in car instructor were very good. She is realiable and she is never late. She is able to work with her students. The in class instructor is always helpful and professional.

H, Jenna

Taking this course at Crown Driving Academy was a good experience. I learned a lot of new things that will improve my driving. The instructors are nice and funny who teach you a lot.

M, Jessica

Crown Driving Academy is great driving school. Instructors were fun, friendly and also helped the students to become excellent defensive drivers.

A, Mailyn

The teaching sessions were fun,entertaining at times and allowed for students to voice their opinion.I would recommend this school to others.

P, Ryan

I found Crown Driving Academy to be very rewarding experience for me to participate and very confident that it has given me the skills.

J, Arjun

This class was very informative, had awesome driving instructor and in class teacher. I would definitely refer this school to my friends.

M, Brandon

Incredibly friendly staff and good instructors. They make learning fun and easy.

T, Shifa

Material was taught in a direct and simple way, class was fun and enjoyable.

L, Alice

This driving school not only met my needs but went above and beyond. I am very happy. I chose to be educated at Crown Diving Academy.

V, Melissa

A very interesting class with a great teacher and very much recommended.

S, Jiayin

School and classes helped me lot to become a good driver. Instructors are very good. They teach me everything about driving and things valued to it.

P, Deepa

Lessons were bone for my driving. The instructors, lessons, explanation, videos were very helpful. Driving lessons increased my knowledge & confidence regarding driving. I am very satisfied.

V, Pallavi

The school has good staff who teaches the concepts very clearly. Equipped with teaching aids, very clean place and very good driving instructors. I have nice experience with them.

B, Annapoornima

Very informative and professional teachers.

P, Dashmini

The learning experience in class was very useful. Instructors provided valuable information about defensive driving. I will recommend Crown Driving to every one.

A, Angelo

Very nice, friendly instructors. Enjoyable experience and I learned a lot that were very useful.

N, Syeda

Learning to drive has been really great with Crown Driving Academy. Also in class was full of information. They were recommended to me by a friend and they didn’t disappoint me.

B, Vina

Very thorough class. Instructors were very approachable whenever I needed clarity regarding the lectures and also in car instructor was calm and co-operative.

R, Natasha

Course was exceptionally informative. Course plan was well done,organized. I learnt lot about driving, more importantlly saving my life. It was fun and interactive and I have no regrets.

B, Nilam