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Terms and Conditions

  1. Each student must bring their own “The Official MTO Driver’s Handbook” for in-class sessions. Students registered for the full course must attend the 20 hours in classroom lessons, complete 10 hours workbook (home link) or must complete 20+10 hours total (30hours) online e-Learning course and 10 hours in-car lessons with automatic transmission. Full attendance is mandatory. Test will be conducted in-class and in-car.
  2. The workbook will be issued on the first day of in-class and must be completed and returned at the last day of the in-class to Crown Driving Academy Inc. to qualify for completion of the full course. Incomplete and damaged books will not be accepted. In the event a replacement workbook is requested by a student for any damaged/lost workbook, an additional $25.00 plus HST fee must be paid for each additional workbook.
  3. Certification will only be done for those students who have successfully completed their total 40 hours course for both the in-class or online e-Learning course and in-car sessions with passing marks based on the Ministry of Transportation regulations and instructor’s evaluation.
  4. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not be held responsible and liable for any lost, damaged, stolen or leftover belongings of students during their visits or course at school or in-car driving.  Students will be totally and fully responsible for their own belongings during their any visits for in-class lessons or in-car driving lessons or during their stay at Crown Driving Academy Inc.
  5. Students must start their driving lessons within (8) weeks of finishing their in-class lessons or e-Learning online classes.
  6. Appointments for in-car lessons not cancelled within a 24 hour notice will be charged $50.00/hr fully to the students. Fees paid are not transferable and non-refundable. No refund once you start classes. Course cancellation fee is $100.00 plus per hour charge where applicable.
  7. Extra lessons or individual lessons must be paid cash at the beginning of each in-car lesson to the instructor or at the office.
  8. Fee payments are due upon registration. For students who require additional time for the fee payment, this will be in the form of a down payment of half of the full amount at the time of registration.
  9. This allows the student to start the in-class session or online e-Learning course. However, the full fee is required to start the in-car lessons. For the convenience of the students, payments can be made by PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Debit, Interact, Cash or Cheque as all of these payment methods are accepted. Students will be held responsible for NSF charges that is $50.00 extra.
  10. Each student must complete their 20 hours in-class lesson, the 10 hours workbook must be completed and handed over to the Crown Driving Academy Inc. office or the student must complete the e-Learning 20 + 10 hours in order to start the in-car driving. If any student who does not complete their in-class portion or online portion will not be able to start their in-car driving until they finish their in-class or online portion based on the Ministry of Transportation regulations and instructor’s evaluation.*

Note: Students will not be eligible for certification until he or she successfully complete their total 40 hours course based on the Ministry of Transportation regulations and instructor’s evaluation.

  1. In-car instructions will begin when the total fee has been paid and the student has a valid G1 license. Please note that instructors do book their appointment at least a week in advance. Due to individual performance and circumstances, students are asked to contact the office when they wish to start the in-car session.
  2. In order to sign up for any course or any individual in-car lessons, each student must complete and submit their registration form with all of the required information. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not provide any instruction if the student does not sign up and submit their registration form.
  3. If the student does not have a valid G1 license, or students do not have a valid G1 license at the time of the in-car driving lesson, Crown Driving Academy Inc. and their in-car instructors will not provide the in-car driving instructions.
  4. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will provide in-car driving instructions on instructor’s car with dual brakes only. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not provide in-car driving instructions on student’s personal vehicles without dual brakes and without valid car insurance.
  5. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not provide in-car driving instructions in the drive test area or drive test route or any restricted area.
  6. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not pick up and teach any student who lives in the drive test restricted area which is declared in the City of Toronto Bylaws or other jurisdictions. The student will make an arrangement and set up a pick-up point for in-car driving lesson with the in-car instructor outside of the restricted area.
  7. Appointments will be arranged for a convenient time between the student and the instructor. Please note that all times are approximate. The lesson begins when the instructor arrives at the scheduled pick up time.
  8. Instructors will pick you up from your house and will drop you back there once the in-car lesson begin sand is completed only if you live in Scarborough. If you have a preferred alternate location, speak to your instructor about it and they may be able to work something out if that is not his/her out of reach area.

Note: Crown Driving Academy Inc. is a Scarborough based driving school. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not pick up or drop off any student who live in the downtown area or out of the Scarborough area. It is not possible for any instructor to pick up students from the downtown area or any further far area. Any student from these areas will be picked up and dropped off from any nearest subway station located in Scarborough, per-arranged with your in-car instructors

  1. Once the student enrolls for any packages or courses or any individual purchases a gift certificate, Crown Driving Academy Inc. will provide services in the Scarborough area.

Note: After the enrollment or during the course if someone has moved or decided to move outside of the Scarborough area or a different city, Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not provide in-car driving lessons in their new area or location. The student will need to come back to Scarborough for the completion of their in-car driving lesson.

  1. No refund will be made once you start the classes whether it is the in-car session or in-class / e-learning session. Once the online e-Learning sessions have started or have been completed, there will be no refund.

Note: There will be no full or partial refunds for any started packages that are purchased.

  1. If someone wants to upgrade or downgrade their purchased package, an admin fee of $50.00 plus HST will be applied. (conditions apply)

Note: The student will only be able to upgrade or downgrade their purchased package as long as the student has not started the course. Once the student has started the course, the student is not allowed to make any changes.

  1. Purchased gift certificates that are not used can be cancelled. An admin fee which is $100.00 plus HST will be applied. There will not be any refund of the total paid fee for the gift certificate if the time has exceeded 1 year of the purchased date.

Note: Gift certificates are non-transferable.

  1. Use of the school car for government road test is NOT included in all courses except for a few courses. Please visit our Courses page for more detail.
  2. Only a one time late arrival of 15 minutes will be excused. In the event of any further late arrivals, students will have to make up for the time lost in the next available same session.
  3. If you miss one class, you will have to make up for the same missing class with next course.
  4. Because of the number of students, it is not possible for Crown Driving Academy Inc. to provide all course student for in-car driving lessons on a daily basis.The in-car instructor’s job is to accommodate the other students who are also on their instructor list. If (you) the student wish to finish the in-car lessons through fast track, they have option to choose or convert their course into the fast track (Super Express Package) from the courses list.
  5. Any in-class session and 4-day course that is advertised or announced is subject to the number of student enrollments. If we do not have enough enrollment numbers, the class or course will automatically be cancelled.
  6. Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not serve any individual for in-car lessons who have a narrow, limited or odd schedule. Each student must provide a flexible schedule with an open window, including weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons, noon and evenings. If the student is available for the in-car lesson only in the evenings or only on a weekend, the student will only get one in-car lesson in a week in order to accommodate the other evening and weekend students.
  7. Once the student has successfully completed their in-class portion or online classes, they will be assigned an in-car instructor within 15 to 20 business days. However, when it is busy it could be longer too. If an event such as COVID-19 occurs, then the wait time can be extended to 4-6 weeks or longer.
  8. Crown Driving Academy Inc. reserves the right to cancel classes based on enrollment, attendance, weather or conditions beyond its control.
  9. Please note that we will first assign in-car driving instructors in the order which students have completed their online component. Students who have already completed their online portions will be assigned driving instructors first.

Note : Once the student has completed their online classes or in-person classes successfully, there will be a waiting period for in-car training which is 14 business days for the assignment of the in-car instructor. 


  1. I have read all of the terms and conditions provided to me including the policies and procedures of Crown Driving Academy Inc. that were explained and reviewed in detail at the time of the registration.
  2. I am aware that all fees must be paid in full before I can start the in-car lessons. When I am ready to complete the car portion of the course, I will phone the office and leave my name for an instructor to contact me to schedule an appointment. The instructor will contact the student within 14 business days and if a situation such as COVID-19 occurs that is beyond anyone’s control, the contact time will be anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. However, during the busy season, the time can be longer.
  3. .*Note: An extra $25.00 certification fee and $25.00 workbook fee will be applied in the course fee for those who are taking the in-person classes.
  4. I am aware that I have 1 year from my starting date to complete the full course and Crown Driving Academy Inc. has 1 year to provide the services to me. After the period of 1 year, my file will be closed and there will be NO FEE REFUND. If I wish to start the course again, I will have to complete a new registration and all the applicable fees will be applied.
  5. During my attendance of both the class and the car lesson, there is a code of conduct of a standard that is appropriate and conducive for a classroom / in-car lesson. In the event there is a breach, Crown Driving Academy Inc. has the right to terminate my course registration or lessons; the $100.00 cancellation fee plus all applicable fees will be applied based on the fee menu including tax.
  6. There will be no charge to cancel an in-car lesson when I contact my instructor 24 hours in advance; failing to do this, I am aware and understand that the charge applied will be $50.00 / Hr.
  7. When the course students have successfully completed their 40 hours, only then will Crown Driving Academy Inc. certify the student electronically. However, Crown Driving Academy Inc. will not provide/issue any paper or letter as proof of completion of the driving school course as per the Ministry of Transportation regulations.
  8. Only those who successfully completed the entire 40 hours course will call Crown Driving Academy Inc. to confirm if their certification is completed. The student can then go to the nearest Drivers & Vehicle License Issuing Office or any Service Ontario Office and Request for Driver License History ( DLH ) search for proof of Beginner Driver Education Course Completion. They will charge a fee and print out the paper for you.


I certify that the statements in this document are accurate and consent to the release of any information contained herein to the Ministry of Transportation, Insurance Bureau of Canada and the auditing firm retained by the Ministry.